cropped-dji_0225.jpgAnathallo Acres is inspired by the greek word Anathallo, which means “to flourish anew” or “grow-green again” – a process we aim to create with each new day, season, year, and generation.

While the branding as “Anathallo Acres” is new, the farm is not. The farm (historically known as Prospect Hill) has been in the Moore family for four generations (since 1925) and is located on the iconic Bells Lane on the northernmost edge of Staunton, Va.

We raise mushrooms, 100% grass-fed (and finished) beef, pastured poultry, non-gmo pork, and occasionally a few lambs.

Each of these animals play a vital role in helping the farm “flourish anew” by adding nutrients back into the soil and building the organic matter on the farm. Click on the links above to find out more about each animals vital role on the farm.


About Your Farmer
While Moore Farms is the main farm and run by my father (Lewis) with me at his side (and sometimes in his way) as I work out the kinks of launching the direct-to-customer branch of our farm under the Anathallo Acres brand, I – Alex Moore – am the cheeky grinned fourth-gen farmer behind Anathallo Acres.

After graduating from college with an undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship, I ran full-speed away from the farming life to work as a marketer for a tech company in Charlottesville. In my down-time after work, I began reading Wendell Berry and quickly found myself longing more and more to return back to the land my family has known over the last 80 years. Armed with a renewed vision of farming and an endless bucket of ideas (many inspired by the permaculture movement and Joel Salatin) – I returned to the farm a little over a year ago to start getting my hands back in soil and haven’t looked back since. If you want to see a little bit more of the inside story behind my life – you can find me on instagram at _from_the_fields. If you want to follow the farm, check out Anathallo_Acres on Instagram.

Heart & Soil

Since creating the website, a few things have happened. One important thing is that I married Dr. LeAnn Denlinger. While she didn’t grow up on a farm, her grandfather was a hog and beef farmer in Lititz/Manheim Pennsylvania that retired and sold his farm shortly after LeAnn was born. So she’s got a little bit of farming in her blood – it manifests itself in her love for making and eating amazing food. You might occasionally see her at the farmers market with me (not to be confused with my sister Whitney – who covers the market for me from time to time), but her main calling is as a cardiologist at Augusta Health. So if your heart needs tending to, she’s your gal.

Doggo Side-kick

Ida Crop (also goes by Ida-roo, Idaho) – Honestly she’s probably my favorite part of farming. She’s wicked smart, brave, and ultra-affectionate. Usually with border collies you get two out of three on that list. Not so with Ida. If you ever see us out on Bells Lane and want to get some puppy therapy, then wave me down and she will smother you with her affection (as long as there aren’t any cows to be herded nearby).