Our grass-fed beef is the backbone of our farming operation. We raise all of our cows on grass and sunshine alone. No anti-biotics, no hormones, and no grains – the way nature intended it. We give them ample access to open pastures during the spring, summer, and fall, and feed them stockpiled hay during the winter.

Since we believe in transparency, feel free to take a drive down Bells Lane in Staunton. As you hit the northern half of the lane, look to your left and right and you will see our cows and calves happily grazing to their hearts content.

While the majority of our calves are sold to Pineland Farms (who then takes them to their finishing weight and sells the finished meat as certified natural meat – anti-biotic and hormone free – in Whole Foods up and down the east coast), we do have quarter, half, and whole shares available intermittently and beef by the pound is available through our market stand at the Staunton Farmers Market and by special order through the contact-us page (Please note that beef shares are on hold for 2023 due to limited butcher availability).