Freedom Ranger Pastured Broilers:
We raise freedom ranger broilers out on pasture with a non-gmo feed.

Unlike traditional cornish cross broilers (the white genetic freaks of nature our brains likely associate with meat birds), the freedom rangers are natural foragers that develop slower. This means they get more time to eat bugs and grass and develop a richer flavor profile. We move them twice a day to new pasture to encourage them to forage even more than the average pastured bird – and the robust taste comes out in the meat. Come grab one at the Staunton Farmers Market (Saturdays 8-12 from April-October) or sign up for our chicken share program (see below) to see if they remind you of the chicken your grandmother used to cook!

non-gmo, freedom ranger, locally raised, Staunton

How Do I Buy These
If you are interested in purchasing these birds, please contact us by filling out the box below and mentioning the birds and how many you would like. There is break pricing for multiple birds.

Chicken Shares (Do it for the family)
Want to save a little money but still have amazing quality chickens? Tell us how many birds you want across the growing season (most families of four get 50 for an average of 1 per week so they have a few left for the winter). Throughout the growing season (April-October), you will get groups of birds to put in your freezer. A deposit of $1/bird that you want secures your spot, and then you pay by the pound as the birds get delivered. Your original deposit will be put towards your final bill on the last bird drop.