non-gmo, freedom ranger, locally raised, Staunton

Freedom Ranger Pastured Broilers:
We predominantly raise freedom ranger broilers out on pasture with a non-gmo feed. Unlike the traditional cornish crosses, the freedom rangers are natural foragers that take a few weeks longer to grow to full size. This means they get more time to eat bugs and grass and develop a richer flavor profile.

Laying Hens
Our laying hens live in the château-le-chick, a mobile cart with nesting boxes built in. They get access to new paddocks every few days – teaming with bugs and fresh grass and are fed a non-gmo ration to supplement their feed. And while they’re running around It’s amazing to see the grass greening up after they’ve moved through the pasture. We think you will notice the difference too when you crack open one of our eggs.

How Do I Buy These
If you are interested in purchasing these birds, please contact us by filling out the box below and mentioning the birds and how many you would like. Average is 3.5-5 pounds.