Staunton Gourmet Mushrooms

What started as an experiment in 2019 has now become a full blown mushroom operation. We grow a variety of oyster mushrooms (some seasonally) as well as the infamous lions mane. You can find these mushrooms on menu at Vics Eats in Staunton, occasionally on the menu at The Shack or in their bolognese mix at The Staunton Grocery, or on your table.

Click this link for cooking suggestions.

These tend to sell out quickly at the Staunton Farmers Market (believe it or not, we are constantly growing production to try to keep up with demand) – so either reserve yours ahead of time or make sure you get to the market early to get your hands on them!

During the winter, you can find these at Poplar Ridge or the Local Food Drive-thru.

Staunton Gourmet Blue Oyster Mushrooms